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Our Board

The OPHS Key Club Officers and what they do


Current officer:
Hudson Friedman

• Conduct and preside over club meetings and officer meetings • Create meeting agendas and slides • Delegate tasks among officers and help them when needed • Keep track of division articles and visuals and monthly MRF's • Communicate with Division 42 East and CNH District Communicate with Kiwanis and faculty advisors • Communicate with OPHS administration • Plan, coordinate and implement all projects/events along with other officers • Manage the website


Current officer:

Sophia Lara 

• Keep track of member hours • Keep track of member attendance at meetings, division events, etc. • Update and submit MRF's (Monthly Report Forms) to division and district on time each month • Update the club roster and other contact information • Help plan and implement events and fundraisers


Current Officer:

Marwa Mehrzai

• Run the instagram (meeting reminders + posts) • Take photos, write articles, and submit visuals for the Division Newsletter • Update the website


Current Officer:
Ayla Sadrpour & Keemia Ourmazdi

• Send out weekly emails • Preside over club meetings when president is absent • Help manage club email • Verify MRF and Monthly Visuals are submitted on a timely basis • Assist the president with any duties & responsibilities • Help plan and implement events and fundraisers


Current Officer:

Sophia Thurman

• Update the Membership Update Center at the beginning of the year -- In other words, update dues. • Submit all check requests and forms to the student store • Keep track of money raised throughout the year • Plan 4 fundraisers per year

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